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Get your Fans Involved & Tour More

TOORLY lets you identify and grow your live music business around the world. Analyze real-time fan demand, understand your national & global fanbases, and set realistic touring expectations.

Different from streaming data, TOORLY measures hard-ticket demand for artists, and is a groundbreaking new way to plan tours. Take advantage of touring opportunities in real-time, and involve your fans in making shows happen!

Let Your Fans
Request You

Whether you’re planning a tour or want to add a few extra dates to your existing routing - give your fans the chance to let you know where they want to see you.

Spark social conversation and see where your fanbases are. They might just be in cities you never expected!


A Community for Live Music Fans

On TOORLY, fans can discover new artists and shows by seeing who people they follow want to see live, and connect with friends and other live music fans in their city and around the world.

When you launch a Request, your followers get a notification, and when your fans launch a Request, all your followers in that city are also notified, giving everyone a chance to get involved!

Touring Demand Analytics

TOORLY gives you actionable insights into where your fans are located around the world - by touring city, country and region. Identify trends in real-time and leverage data to create opportunities.

Whether you or your fans run a Request, use our proprietary Analytics to decide which touring cities are the most valuable, and use that data to back up show offers.


Tour Marketing Opportunities

Whenever a fan responds to your Request, your tour is shared with all their followers, reaching a whole lot of new potential fans!

Also, in your Request you can put forward other artists you're considering for tour support, and get feedback from your fans on who they'd like to see.

Gamify touring and empower your fans in ways that make the experience more fun, social and engaging for everyone.

Key Benefits for Artists

Discover the advantages of a fan-driven global touring platform


Quantify Fan Demand

Quantify fan demand in uncharted touring markets domestically and abroad. Use fan data to plan your next tour, add dates to an existing tour, and explore new regions.


Identify Opportunities

See which other artists and festivals your fans also like - in specific cities, countries, and regions - to identify strategic collaborations, booking opportunities and tour support.


Empower your Fans

Engage your fanbase and make them part of your tour planning process by getting their real-time feedback on the cities they want to see you in!

Activate Your Fan Analytics

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