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TOORLY for Media Brands

Making Touring Fan-Driven

TOORLY is the world’s first fan-driven Global Touring Platform, giving fans the chance to make themselves heard and play a role in where artists get to perform.

Streaming numbers don’t fully capture hard-ticket demand for artists in all markets, but is generally considered the main source of data for bookings, for both artist teams and promoters. TOORLY’s mission is to provide a platform to collect real-time fan feedback as an alternative way to assess tour stops and bookings.

Find out What your
Audience Cares About

Whether your media brand is expanding into new markets, or just want to sharpen your current content - find out who your audience is, and which artists and events they care about!

On TOORLY, fans follow artists they want to see live and festivals and event brands they like. In your Analytics, you can segment your followers by city, country and region, giving you the chance to understand your audience better - at home and in new markets.


Identify Partnership Opportunities

As fans follow their favorite festivals and event brands on TOORLY, use your Analytics to understand which events are worth partnering with.

Event organizers will also see in their Analytics which Media Brands resonate the most with their own audience, so be sure to build your following to stand out!

Leverage your Media Brand and Host Events

Add events as a revenue stream to your media business, and grow your brand 360!

Use your TOORLY Analytics to find out which artists are most in demand in different cities, which promoters to team up with, and which venues your audience prefers.


Key Benefits for Media Brands


Know Your Audience

Find out which artists and event brands your audience cares about in different markets, especially as you’re expanding into new ones!


Unlock Opportunities

Identify partnership opportunities with festivals and other event brands by finding out which events your audience follows!


Find Brand Partners

By growing your following on TOORLY, you can show brands how well they resonate with your audience and discover new potential partners

Activate Your Fan Analytics


Request a Media Brand Page and get authenticated by TOORLY, so others can follow you


Share your unique signup link with your audience: As they join, they'll automatically follow your Page


You’ll now be able to discover who your crowd is, which artists they care about, and where they’re located

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