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TOORLY for Fans

Get Involved in Making Shows Happen

TOORLY gives fans the chance to take initiative and bring their favorite artists to their city - anywhere in the world.

Fan Accounts play a major but underutilized role in the music industry. With TOORLY, you have the opportunity to use and grow your influence to support fans and artists you love, and make shows happen.

Support the
Fan Community

On TOORLY, fans can create Requests for a chance to bring their favorite artist to their city.

As a Fan Account page on TOORLY, you can support Fan Requests by promoting them across the platform and socials.

TOORLY highlights the influence Fan Accounts have by getting you involved in making shows happen!


Support Your Favorite Artists

On TOORLY, artists can run Requests to find out where fans want to see them around the world.

Grow your following on TOORLY for a chance to get invited by artist teams to support their Requests.

Make use of TOORLY’s promo flyers to support Requests. Any fan that participates in a Request using your unique promo link also starts following your Fan Account page, growing your presence on TOORLY.

How to Make Shows Happen

Get Involved
To A Request

When fans or artists set up their Requests, they have the option to invite Fan Accounts to support

Accept The Invite
To The Request

When you accept the invite, all your followers will be notified about the Request you’re supporting

Make it
Take Off

Share the Request on socials to reach as many fans as possible, and maximize the success of the Request

Fan Demand

TOORLY gives artists and their teams actionable insights into where fans want to see them around the world - essentially serving as a tool to take your and other fans’ feedback into account!

Artists have access to a directory of all their Fan Accounts on TOORLY, along with each Fan Account’s geographic focus and following on the platform.

This is your opportunity to get recognized by your favorite artist!


Coordinate Fan
Projects & Local

TOORLY’s Analytics tell you where your followers are - by city, country and region.

Spearhead a Fan Project and create a Request, so you can mobilize fans in different places for specific localized campaigns.

Have you ever considered hosting events? You can also run Requests to establish demand for local get-togethers, for your followers and other fans.

A Community for Live Music Fans

Connect with fans in your city and around the world, and discover artists & fun events by seeing who people you follow want to see live.

Get notified when artists, promoters, event brands, and venues you follow launch Requests, or when artists you follow get requested to your city, so you can team up with others to make shows happen.


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